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7 February 2007

The acquisition, formatting, and quality control of meteorological data collected on CLIVAR hydrographic lines requires the efforts of many people and organizations. We first wish to acknowledge the personnel from the CLIVAR MET DAC whose efforts made this web site possible. Specifically we thank our data analyst Jeremy Rolph and our programmers Tina Suen, Scott Tesoriere, Righard Gange, Jiangyi Hu, and Yan Gu. We further acknowledge the professional support of Dr. James J. O'Brien, Dr. Mark A. Bourassa, and the remainder of the personnel at the Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS).

Gratitude must be given to those who collected and supplied the original data and metadata including, but not limited to: CLIVAR investigators, Captains and crew members of CLIVAR vessels, CLIVAR Hydrographic Project Office (Scripps), and the U.S. and International CLIVAR offices.

The following table lists the data provider, provider's institute, chief scientists, country (CC), and call sign for each of the CLIVAR vessels for which we have received underway data.

Call Sign
Data Provider
Institute of Provider
Chief Scientists
Knorr KCEJ USA J. Dunworth WHOI T. Joyce
Knorr KCEJ USA J. Toole WHOI J. Toole
Melville WECB USA J. Swift SIO Robbins, J. Swift
Meteor DBBH GER V. Hormann IMF P. Brandt
Meteor DBBH GER B. Rabe IMF P. Brandt
Ronald Brown WTEC USA J. Shannahof NOAA J. Bullister
Ronald Brown WTEC USA J. Shannahof NOAA R. Wanninkhof, Doney
Sonne DFCG GER V. Hormann IFM, U. Kiel F. Schott

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