Research Vessel Surface Meteorology Data Center

Mission Statement

CLIVAR Surface Marine Meteorological DAC

The CLIVAR Surface Marine Meteorology Data Assembly Center (DAC) is established at the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies on the campus of Florida State University. The mission of the DAC is to collect, quality control, distribute, and assure archival of underway surface meteorological observations from CLIVAR hydrographic cruises. Additional surface meteorology data will be accepted from CLIVAR-sponsored experiments in the marine environment. Data will be accepted from any U. S. or international hydrographic programs willing to provide their data to the DAC. We anticipate data submissions from research vessels and moored buoys that are either observed by nearly-continuous recording systems or ship bridge officers.

All surface meteorological data sent to the DAC will be placed in a common, metadata-inclusive format and will undergo automated and visual data quality assessment. Data quality evaluation procedures implemented for WOCE and TOGA-COARE will be utilized to produce the value-added data sets. Data quality reports and value added products will be distributed freely to the scientific community and feedback on data quality will be sent to data providers. Finally, the DAC will ensure the long-term archival of all submitted data at national archive centers.

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